DaytonaTruckMeet 2018 Ocean Center

Is this REALLY the end of DaytonaTruckMeet?

DaytonaTruckMeet 2018 has been on many of truck enthusiast’s minds ever since some articles came out claiming that the meet will be cancelled. Although it seemed far fetched at first, it was not hard to start believing these articles. Especially when you read some of the things that happened on July 15th-16th in Daytona, Flordia.

News-JournalOnline stated – “There were more than 500 calls for service to beach patrol,” County Councilwoman Deb Denys said, adding that she’d like to see a report on the extent of alcohol and noise complaints at Thursday’s council meeting. 

Daytona Beach resident Teresa De Carlo compared the “drunken, obnoxious behavior” she witnessed over the weekend to the 1980s and ’90s when MTV came to town and spring breakers swarmed the sand.”

Not what you would prefer from an event in your hometown, is it?

While most of these articles did aim at the negative side of the show, it really did have a massive turnout that thousands of people enjoyed. 

Over 2.7K attendees “went” on Facebook. Jordan Muhlbauer (aka @truck_fever), the owner of the event, claims to have had over 15,000 people in attendance.

So will Daytona Truck Meet be shut down? Well… not exactly.

Jordan Muhlbauer wrote:

Not only did he write this on the Facebook account, but has asked people to follow his Snapchat account. Jordan did this via the event’s Instagram account for updates on where DaytonaTruckMeet 2018 will take place.

From previous posts from his Snapchat account, the event will NOT be held the Ocean Center.

So where will the event actually take place?

There are only a few spots that could possibly hold hundreds of trucks and thousands of people. A possible location could be the Daytona International Speedway, which is only a 13 minute drive from the strip.

One attendee of the DaytonaTruckMeet in 2017 told us,

“Everyone wants to go ride down the strip and hangout on the beach… that is what everyone is here for… good times, and the beach.” – Justin Sanders

Where will DaytonaTruckMeet 2018 actually be held?

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