A lift kit that does not reduce ride quality? Sign me up!

Any Level Lift Aaron Aldrich

Aaron Aldrich – Owner/Inventor

Any Level Lift is an innovation to the aftermarket suspension industry. Created by Aaron Aldrich, a former mechanical engineer for the U.S. Navy, the Any Level Lift has formed a new standard of lift kits. 

The kit offers 16 inches of ride height adjustment without any impact on ride quality, steering alignment, or axle positioning. The Any Level Lift is a patented design that has set the bar high for other suspension companies.


“It is the industry’s first fully adjustable suspension system.” – Aaron Aldrich


The Any Level Lift has many advantages that establishes them as a force to be reckoned with in the suspension market. The lift kit includes a patented lever arm design that maintains ride quality throughout the range of motion.

Any Level Lift can be driven at any height from -1” to +13” in the front and -4” to +12” in the rear. The lift is designed to stay perfectly aligned and minimize the change in wheelbase when changing the ride height.

Any Level Lift

Any Level Lift

This high-tech lift kit can also be operated via mobile app through the Ride Controller interface.

Any Level Lift Ride Controller


The Any Level Lift is for those of us who want to lower the truck to stock ride height, work with it, and then raise the truck to have fun with on the weekends.

This lift kit offers the best of both worlds by allowing the user to have practical use and extreme lifting capabilities at the push of a button. This new lift kit solves all the problems that are associated with lifting a truck with conventional lift kits.


“The Any Level Lift is better than the rest because you can do it all” – Aaron Aldrich


But don’t get too excited about Any Level Lift…


The Any Level Lift is only offered for 2017 Ford F-350 trucks with a base price of $14,500. The additional features will increase this price to just under $20,000.

The Any Level Lift is a great innovation for the aftermarket suspension industry. However, it is only offered for one type of truck with a sizable price tag.

any level lift

any level lift

Aaron Aldrich states that since the Any Level Lift has many moving parts, he must comply with many other regulations that static lift kits do not.

Even though the timeline is unclear, we can expect the Any Level Lift to be released for other makes and models. Hopefully, before another suspension company.

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